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Our package includes a range of services to help your children plan their future and help you fund their education while maintaining your current lifestyle.
college planning services
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College Quick Reference Guide

Consistently formatted data on U.S. colleges and universities in an easy to digest and evaluate, 2-page report. Up to ten different reports are available upon request and are key to accurate head to head comparisons.

No single source provides a more convenient display of: Cost, Freshman Academic Profile, Size, Campus Characteristics, Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities, Majors, Affiliations, Financial Detail, Award History, Admissions & Contact Data.

The College Visit Scoring System

We developed the College Visit Scoring System to provide a way to measure how well every school you consider matches up to your and your student's expectations.Using our system and criteria ranking that is derived from the students educational objectives, you'll have a method of evaluating schools that goes beyond visual impressions and prevents relying too heavily on recollection.

Retirement Readiness Assessment

This process will provide you with a projection of your retirement readiness. Without this knowledge parents routinely OVERSPEND on college and find out too late that they have delayed or destroyed their retirement dreams.

What-If Analysis

Changes in a family's financial structure may result in greater financial aid eligibility. This analysis will show how a specific change may impact financial aid eligibility. This report demonstrates the value of the recommendations, and can allow parent(s) the opportunity to make more informed decisions.

Aid Eligibility Comparison Report

This report will show your calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and the award history of up to 5 different colleges in a head-to-head format. It will also forecast your out-of-pocket expense at each college.

This report alone could save you thousands of dollars in false assumptions about the true cost of college. Additional reports can include a detailed EFC projection for both FAFSA and PROFILE, and a ``What-will-college-cost estimate`` report.

Complete College Planning Relief® Resource Kit

This handsome kit contains valuable resources including financial aid reference guides, student and parent loan information, college planning calendar, scholarship information, reference websites and important strategies. This binder can become the focal point of an organized approach over the life of your college planning. You will find it beneficial to include visit notes, application copies, college correspondence and much more.

Subscription to College Keystones newsletter

This monthly e-newsletter will keep you on top of the college planning process as well as provide insight into time-specific considerations. It will also make you aware of the latest developments in the college planning and financial aid world. Financial aid rules can change frequently and major changes each year are common.

College Planning Relief® Professional Counseling

You will be offered up to three one hour meetings during which the following may be discussed: - College Funding recommendations and design
- Award Letter and/or Student Aid Report review
- Student Interview (Q / A, financing/expense insight, timeline, etc.)
- Retirement projections
- Parent cash flow improvement
- First Year FAFSA Submission

A Copy of the Book College and Retirement: You CAN Do Both! Second Edition

This book guides parents through the confusing world of college planning. Mr. Moffitt, the President and Founder of Summit College Funding and CPR-College Planning Relief®, has compiled an easy to read guidebook that dispels myths about college planning and presents thought-provoking strategies to consider while developing a plan for paying for college.

Industry-leading Career Matchmaker Assessment

This much-praised Career Matchmaker Interest Inventory is based on a methodology that is respected and admired everywhere it is used, because it's more powerful than any other interest assessment. Matchmaker doesn't just provide students with a ranked list of careers they should learn more about, it explains why. This depth gives students valuable insights they can use as a springboard to further career exploration and discovery, making the learning process a rewarding and enriching experience.

Detailed Scholarship Search Tools

Scholarships are an important aspect to college planning. Through our system, we provide the resources to search national and local scholarships all while saving the information for later completion.

This powerful scholarship search feature will save all potential scholarships so the student can go back at a later time to complete the application and prioritize the application process.

Career Exploration

The career exploration content is a deep reservoir of original material created by our tireless team of researchers, writers and multimedia developers. It is unmatched anywhere in quality and quantity. Everything is prepared with students in mind, offering them countless avenues for exploration. From comprehensive databases to career descriptions and profiles, we update all of our resources regularly to ensure freshness.

Step-by-Step College Admission Guides

This is a powerful resource for any student that just needs the basics when it comes to the college admission process. We put together an easy three step process for completing the college admission process. Start with our college exploration step to our college financial aid step and finish with our complete college application process.

Personal Online College Planning Portfolio

The Living Portfolio is always just a click away while students are navigating our personal inventories and occupational learning pages, making it easy to build and grow a valuable storehouse of knowledge, ideas and action plans. We call it a Living Portfolio because it grows and evolves with each student, transforming career exploration into pathways to success. It's more than a place to keep information—it's a place to nurture dreams.

Financial Aid Guides

College financial aid can be confusing to understand and not all colleges are forthcoming with the best information. Our financial aid experts put together easy to use guides for navigating through the financial aid process. Whether you are looking for federal, state, institutional or private college funding options, we have it all together in one place for you.

SAT & ACT Prep Program

Web-based courses organized into easy-to-digest 15-minute chunks. Students who use Method Test Prep raise their SAT scores an average of 120 points and their ACT scores an average of 3 points.

Complete Month-by-Month Detailed Plan for Every Year of High School

The college planning process can be confusing and hard to understand. We developed a complete step-by-step academic planning timeline for you to follow. This timeline will take you and your student through the complete process starting in their freshman year of high school through move in day of their first year at college.

Live Academic Advisor Webinars

We understand that people learn in many different ways so we also facilitate live webinars on many different college planning topics. These webinars are one-hour group sessions that are held throughout the year.

Student Financial Literacy Program

This is the only program that teaches students financial literacy skills by role-playing adult characters dealing with real life financial challenges. They experience the feeling of having bills to pay and not enough money. And they feel the real satisfaction of working hard to earn enough to buy the things their adult character wants and needs to be happy.

Interactive College Maps for all Four-Year and Two-Year Colleges

This feature is a great way to search for colleges around any city using an interactive map. You will be able to zoom into any location around the United States and view scholarships that are located in close proximity. You will also be able to click on the specific college to instantly find the contact information and tuition information.

Ask the Academic Expert Support

Know that you have a college academic expert on your side all the way through the process. If you have any questions about the college admission process or student financial aid, all you need to do is send your question to the academic expert. Understand that you have experts in your corner that provide honest accurate information.

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